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Dan and Michelle Krupa are the owners of Reveille Homes. The name, Reveille Homes, comes from the military term “reveille” which is played every morning prior to raising the flag on military posts. Dan is a retired Army officer with multiple combat tours. They chose the term reveille because to them it means a new start or a brand new day with endless possibilities.

For short, Reveille Homes has become Rev Homes.

Dan and Michelle have been involved in real estate for over 15 years and renovating properties full time since 2017. Six months prior to Dan’s retirement from the Army, they took a trip to Washington State to check on a rental property they owned after the tenants moved out. They found the property had been severely neglected by their tenants and property management team. In a whirlwind 9 days, pregnant and a toddler at their side, they fully renovated the property and sold it. Adding this adventure with their combined experience in new construction, investing, and property management, they were hooked and decided to renovate properties full time once Dan was officially retired from the Army. To date, they have helped countless homeowners in Kansas City find creative solutions who are dealing with default mortgage payments, foreclosure, bad tenants, and probate issues. They have become known for unwavering integrity, quality, and a hassle-free sales approach within the real estate community. Dan and Michelle love getting to combine their passion for helping others with renovating distressed properties turning them back into beautiful homes for future families.

Dan and Michelle are transplants to Kansas City after falling in love with the community when stationed at Fort Leavenworth. After retiring, they moved back to make KC their home and raise their two boys, Mason and Ryker. They live and work in Northern KCMO and love their community and church. They enjoy spending time with their boys and three dogs and love to spend time swimming, hiking, and traveling.